About Us

Lambda Productions is a full service event and production management company based in Cleveland, Ohio.  For over 30 years we have been designing, organizing and executing major corporate and music events all over the world.

Lambda Productions was founded by owner Hadden Hippsley in 1983 while a student at Miami University of Ohio and member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.  Lambda evolved from a stagehand company to a touring production company and grew to a myriad of production related and consulting services.

While music will always remain a major component of our business, our portfolio now varies in both scope and geography.  Lambda produces some of the largest music events in the country, while continuing to grow its reputation as a source for the experience, maturity and reliability that the corporate world demands.

Flexibility and creativity are key elements to our successful formula.  Each event presents a unique challenge and an opportunity to push the boundaries of what has been done in the past.  Our reputation is based on attention to every detail, efficient execution of each element, and the foresight to anticipate challenges.  Our production team is from around the world!  We pair the right people for the right job.

We offer ways to brand corporations through corporate events utilizing Award Programs, Sponsorship Execution, Webcasting, Video Production, Mobile Marketing, Satellite Conferences and as Consultants helping to review business strategies.  We build and manage the stages of the largest festivals in the USA and produce a local eco-fest.  We are involved in music concerts and tours with nationally known bands bringing Light design, Stage design, Stage Management, Production Management and Artist Management to the highest level.

There is a central theme for our production team…  a theatrical background from youth, a passion for the arts and music, an eye for detail and excellent project managers for events of any kind!

Look to Lambda as leaders in event and production management!