Corporate Events

Lambda Productions is in the business of taking your ideas and making them a reality.

If you are interested in a unique way to recognize your employees or brand your company we can help you design an event that reaches your audience.   We brainstorm with you, we draw, we redraw and on the big day, we are there to execute the plan.  We are able to provide an entire management staff or simply a really great audio engineer depending on your needs.

We help our clients leverage satellite technology to effectively communicate with an audience, thereby reducing the costs associated with travel.  We are an experienced provider of both interactive and one way technology, and have linked as many as 25 sites across 9 states together for a single event.  Consider the communication that takes place in your organization that could benefit from live HD quality interaction!

We do as much work with agencies as we do corporations.  We provide the technical expertise when an agency is looking to deliver an event whose production level reaches beyond what a standard audio visual vendor can deliver.  We also understand that sponsorship comes in all shapes and sizes.  Our team of industry leaders work with the best vendors in the industry and can recognize the most efficient methods that will save you money at the end of the day.

We can design and install a functional trade show space to brand your project or develop an entire touring series that brings your name to venues across the country.  Consider how you could benefit from a production team who recognizes that every last detail of an event is a direct reflection on the sponsor!

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